We all just want to have fun here and that’s why we created National prize giveaways.

With fantastic odds starting as low as 1 in 100 we are offering our competitors a chance to win premium and most wanted sought after prizes. Fast draws and plenty of excitement and fun!


Whilst fun is at the heart of what we do we aim to be a great place to work for all our staff. As a team we all agree that we want to be able to give something back to charity. The charities we chose this year have special places and meaning to us here and we are hoping that we are able to offer them a lot of help now and in the future. Our winners chosen charity will receive 10% of the profits from each and every prize competition. Watch our blogs to see the work our charities do.


Whilst we do have a lot of fun creating fun competitions with an aim to put a smile on some lucky persons face whilst giving a helping hand to our charities. We are a promotions and marketing company able to bring new products and business into the limelight. If you have a new product or business you would like us to promote with fun honesty and transparency which is cost efficient. Please do contact info@nationalprizegiveaways